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For D&K, being “green” isn’t just talk, it’s a commitment. From our sustainable practices to our environmental certifications, green is more than just an ink color.

We’ve made a conscientious effort to consider our environment in everything we do. We hope you’ll join us in committing to doing what’s best for our planet.

  • We divert more than 90% of our waste (+522,000 pounds per year) from the landfill by composting and recycling.
  • We are certified by the City of Boulder’s PACE Program for Waste Diversion.
  • For more than two decades, we have used low-VOC, soy- and bio-based inks.
  • Our printing plates are recycled to keep metals out of the landfill.
  • Recycled papers have improved greatly over the past decades. A broad range of post-consumer and tree-free papers are now available. We can share our expertist in printing on these papers and help you select a paper that is appropriate for your projects.
  • We recycle the paper trimmed from finished projects and the cardboard from shipping cartons.
  • The chemicals used in our plate processors and developers are recycled, too.
  • We can help you find the most efficient formats for your design to minimize waste.